Help your kids practice daily gratitude

Often, we associate being thankful with Thanksgiving, we go around the dinner table and each say what we are thankful for. This is a wonderful time to do it but there are also some amazing benefits for practicing gratitude with your kids all year long. 

Reasons to help your kids practice daily gratitude 

  1. Incorporating gratitude on a daily basis gives your kids a set time each day to take a moment to reflect on everything they already have (whether it’s material or not). As simple as this may seem, our lives can get so busy so quickly that it’s easy to let weeks and months even years go by if it’s not incorporated into your daily routine.
  2. By being present and appreciating what they already have they won’t always be asking for the next thing, this could really help with their mindset when it comes to long-term savings goals. Or even better, they may realize that their own needs are already fulfilled and feel so much gratitude that they may turn their energy towards what they can do to help others.
  3. Further to the second point, studies have shown that practicing daily gratitude will help with having more compassion and kindness.  It can even help to strengthen relationships!  
  4. Last but not least, research has shown that practicing gratitude can even help to boost your immune system! 

Ways to implement:

There are endless benefits to practicing gratitude on a daily basis but what is the best way to go about it? Some suggest keeping a daily gratitude journal which is of course a great idea if your kid’s schedule allows it but the key here is for it to become a habit and which means it needs to be done daily. 

That is why the best way to implement this would be to have a time and place where you can have a quick conversation every day. For example, if your family is the type that sits down all together for dinner every evening, go around the dinner table and ask everyone to say one thing that they’re grateful for that day. Or incorporate it as part of your kid’s bedtime routine, before story time, take a moment to ask your kid, what is the one thing they were grateful for that day.

If you’d like to take it a step further, also ask them what is the one thing they would like to improve on for tomorrow.

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Final Thoughts

The pandemic was a difficult time for a lot of people and who knows what the rest of the year will bring but there is always something to be grateful for; our health, our home, a beautiful sunny day. Why not start today by going around the table and asking everyone to say the one thing that they were grateful for in the entire year?

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